David Elder

Rock Moss

One of my favorite photos. Taken in the mountains of the bay area. Moss on a rock, resembles looking at another planet. One of those shots I just took and never looked back.

Tiger Flower

Stunning Purple Flowers

Orange Flowers

Gate Park Flowers

Gate Park Radiant Flower

Sun Flower

Cheery Cherry Blossoms

Hey Kid!

Bay Reeds

Bay Night

Ducks in a row

Burning Sunset

Monarch Butterfly

Santa Cruz open field

View to the mountains

Temecula Sunset

Sunset in Temecula

Sticks, sand, feather relax...

Rocks to walk

Slow down waterfall

Lights and leaves

With backlighting assistance from Jason Berry Photography.

Santa Cruz Sunset

A Santa Cruz sunset

Spring Twig

Macro shot of a spring twig.

Fenced Flowers